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Why organic food? It's food you can trust
Food should be good enough to eat - it doesn't just satisfy hunger, it nourishes and provides your body with the fuel needs for your busy lifestyle.

  • It gets goodness from rich soil
  • It' packed with nutrients
  • It's full of flavour
  • It's not refined or processed to lose its inherent goodness
  • It's not modified or boosted with chemicals
  • It's free of additives, colors and preservatives
  • It's supports time honoured practices that keep nature in balance
  • It' not full of nasties so its got to be good for you

It's also:
Save Energy: More energy is now used to produce syntatic fertilisers. Organic farming reduces the need to produce, transport and dispose of dangerous chemicals.
Improved Lifestyle and Value Systems: Organic farming requires its practitioners to respect nature and serve all enviroment resources, thus improved lifestyles and the systems.
Protect water Quality: Organic farming ensures that water supplies are not polluted with farm chemicals.



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